Welcome to Wings of my Dreams, a Differences in the Family Tree legacy!


Currently we are at Generation One – Chapter Four


~Wings Of My Dreams ‘Theme’ Song~


Some things to please note!

1. The surname will be changing throughout the generations. I am not sure how often or when, it really depends on how the story goes. Currently the surname is: Wing.

2. This will be rated PG13. It will mostly be tame with some swearing (most of it berrified), hints of mature content (like, some sex scenes won’t fade to black but it won’t be explicit or detailed either), nudity, and some violence. There will be one gen that will be slightly more mature but I’ll warn you guys when we get there.

3. The chapters are usually around 2k in length, word wise, sometimes a bit longer sometimes a bit shorter, so even though there’s lots of chapters each gen should only be around the length of the first Harry Potter book!

4. This legacy means something very special to me. Wings was originally a rainbowcy and I tried four times to get it going. Rosie refused to work with me and so did her son when I attempted a Wings DitFT story starting with her kid. I abandoned Wings for years feeling sad. Then in 2016 I began writing a non-rainbow version and it’s come along fairly well so here we are. Rosie’s story is going to be different from the rainbow version. Her back story is different and her personality is a bit different but she’s still kept a lot of the Rosie-ness I loved from her original character. So yeah. There ya go!